Choosing god or Truth

Shalom! I was very religious for most of my life and I stayed in communication with several Christians. But I was never quite in THE TRUTH, I was myself a Christian the whole time. But the truth remained hidden from me although I thought I was in the light the sad fact was that I was only looking at the light while standing at a distance in the darkness.
You see Christianity is false Christian ministers are false The Rapture is False and the name JESUS CHRIST is false!!!

However the Bible is true, the whole book. But Christianity and its dogmas like all other religions are FALSE. The truth is in the Bible and it is not hard to see. Though the book has been horribly translated, added to, taken away from, and with held for a peculiar time and time length it is truth.
This may hurt but the purpose is this…Forsake religions and turn to the truth of the Scriptures. Obey the Torah (granted not the stoning or sacrificial parts) Believe in the Messiah and his instructions. Study to show yourselves approved and good workers that do not need to be ashamed.

I am a Hebrew and an Israylite. Whether you are also or if your a Gentile or some other nation it does not matter…WHOSEVER will let him COME. But come with truth. To Start the Names of Salvation. The Father is YAH and the Son is Yahoshua! Use these Names and do not blaspheme them! Repent and Believe!

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