Can We Trust Holy Books?

Unless we have good reasons, we should not totally trust any of the major Scriptures of the world’s religions. The simple reason for this is that they contradict each other. Some of them contradict themselves quite seriously!

The Qu’ran recommends the prophetic writings which came before it, but it is doubtful if Mohammed ever read them himself. According to the Hadeeth, on one occasion where the Torah was brought to him he didn’t even want to look at it. To investigate would have undermined everything – Mohammed needed his followers to believe him unquestioningly and put total faith in his claim that his writings and sayings were inspired by the true God.

The Qu’ran (Koran) contradicts every translation of the Bible that ever existed
concerning who Jesus Christ is.

For more information please read my article – The
Inspiration of the Qu’ran

The Hindu writings (Bhagavad-Gita, Vedas etc) speak of gods and godesses with
passions and natures such as we have. The Hindu pantheon of gods (millions of
them) seem to be jealous of each other and in frequent conflict and tension.
The Hindu writings don’t seem to be based in HISTORICAL events. It reports legends
that happened ‘once upon a time’.

The Book of Mormon makes all kinds of historical claims regarding now extinct
races that supposedly lived in North America. Too bad no solid archaeological
evidence corroborates any of these claims. If Mormons would come out right from
the start with some of their stranger doctrines and practices, no one would
take them seriously. But they pose as Christians with "extra information"
in order to deceive the gullible.

All Holy Books may contain some very worthwhile and interesting religious and
moral teachings. But can they bring us into real contact with the Creator or
with godhood?

This is not just a subjective question. I cannot agree with those who talk
about faiths as being "true for you but not for me" or vice-versa,
for reasons discussed here.

Do the Holy Books predict the future accurately? (The Bible has and does).
Can their authenticity be falsified by archeology or not? (The Bible has been
found to be in line with archaeological discoveries – the more discoveries we
make, the more the Bible is confirmed as being historically reliable).

Can we live by the teachings of these books and if we did, would the world be a better place?

Are there good reasons for considering the Christian Scriptures to be God’s Word?

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