Can we make our needs an idol?

Tonight during praise and worship,our music pastor was praying while he was singing and asked God to forgive us of any idols we had ever placed before Him..I didnt think I had and I know what an idol means but I fell in line with that and I asked God to show me if I had an what came to mind were my needs. See,I have more needs,not frivolous ones, very serious,(one life and death) needs affecting most every area of my and my immediate family right now than all other times in my life combined.Well,I asked forgiveness and tried to just focus on God but can a person petition God too much and be so desperate and focused, pressing for answers that its becomes idolatry or did i just miss that completely? That had never crossed my mind before and being that it was during a time of united worship an the presence of the Lord was strong that i felt like it was an answer that yes,i had been in error an had gotten out of balance but when i got home an got to thinking about it,it didnt make sense..i wonder if that was just my head talking..confidence in my self is one of the things i have struggled with an i just wanted to know if anyone has any ideas about this. Thanks

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