Calling down the fire

After I was fire santified,not yet recieved the HolyGhost .I was so charged with this change and shocked by the experence of fire in my bones.I went to visit my brother in law to tell him of such power,and said no one told me of such as that.Excided iI began to tell him,he began to cry.I pressed him to go to church very hard for a couple weeks,but as we all have seen not as easy as we think.then the more I pressed,concerned for his soul,the more things got in his way.then I heard he got a satalite with black market box,you know what that is.I kind of fussed at him a little,but I knew the devil was in it.So I drove in front of his house ,still on the highway prayed very hard with tears,God ,in the name of Jesus srick the satalite with lightning.He did not know about it.Couple days later I found out lightning hit it and damaged it on a clear day.I still didnot tell him.He had it fixed,I went back few days laterand did the same thing,except I asked it to hit so hard it would sake the house,lightning hit the satilite so hard it rattled the kitcnen windows,His wife was doing the dishes at the time.he could not fix it anymore,2 years later I decided to tell him,he cried and said when it happened there was no cloud in the sky on a sunny afternoon,by the way he gave his heart to God and serves him today,amen If we ask God with the right heart with faith anything is possible,no matter what,and press until we hear from God,he will answer now.One way or another,no guessing if we hold on to the horns of the alter,the simple confound the wise in CHRIST JESUS.

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