Caesar declared himself god and that the whole world should pay him taxes……Did Christ submit to and serve Caesar???

If Caesar was a false god, as history writes, how could Christ have served him by submitting to him taxes …???
Were there not Hebrew Tax collectors that collected a half shekel from every man? Was not the value of the coin taken from the fishes mouth by Peter I shekel?……

I would like some real cross referencing to back up the notion that Christ submitted to and served a self declared false god..

This old argument supports your submission to false god governments that have added to and removed from God`s law in violation of Deuteronomy 4:2 ,12:32…Romans 13 reminds us three times they are God`s ministers we are to submit to as per Ezra 7:23-26 noting God`s ministers do not pay tax or tribute,,,,and that only judges that know God`s law are to sit and they are to teach them that know not God`s law…

Now if it gets exposed that your judges lawyers and officers of the court have false oaths are actually impostors and gets further exposed they have stolen the Authorized version of the law from the courts being the KJV of the bible can they qualify as authorities??? How can liars and oath breakers get God`s sanction when he told us to not bow down to or serve false gods..Exodus 20:3-5

Does pointing out a false oath erase the judgments of the one bearing the false oath??

evidently it does! So if the government of the day has taken something from you like your identity and they are impostors then can you get it back?? Leviticus 6:2-5 explains and Christ leads the way with the formula..Matthew 5:25 and 18:15-20

So in short it appears some interpretations of Romans 13 and Timothy 2:13 have us submitting and serving what are clearly false gods…Submit yourselves to the ordinance of man for God`s sake…That means the ordinance is in line with God`s and was written for God`s sake or we would be submitting to false gods and violating Deuteronomy 4:2 by supporting it with our submission..Cross reference is essential in refuting fallacy interpretations that makes Christ a sinner by suggesting he paid tax to a false god…That violates the first commandment…He simply could not be Christ if he paid taxes to a false god….

Blessings upon all knowing that you do not need a license to travel if your Christs minister!!

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