Bur..it seems Berry cool here, but I’m a Brit from Cashmere!


I’m new here and trying to read all the stuff and I must admit it’s difficult for me, but I don’t read very good either. It’s just that some of the articles are soooooooo long and the Bible stuff makes it hard too. I end up literally trying to interpret one letter at a time it’s like reading that tongues stuff they talk about or the Bible code thing. I’m really frustrated and have literally given up on reading the long stories cause it takes so much time and energy. Does anyone have any suggestions or a Bible dictionary they I can find somewhere online? I really think “guessing” at something at something as important as this, Gods word, is dangerous cause it’s east to misunderstand by getting just a little bit wrong and this is life or death stuff, if you believe GOD anyway. Please is you have information let me know, but I can’t go to website after website on a wild goose chase or have to figure out some puzzle. If it’s not DIRECT and clear then I will go with what I know, but thanks. You can email me too at guinndola@gmail.com

Also does anyone have trouble on an Android with the settings on the keyboard selection settings changing? It’s like I have a weird 007 spy virus, or root invasion or something. Hope to hear from you, but I gotta go now my husband was sweet enough go step away from is rogue server diversion tweeks to take care of our babies and he just finished with their baths and is tucking them in for their nightime prayers.


I don’t want to miss a thing.

Every night when he says, come on kids it’s prayer time.

I say, *ME TOO!

* My friends just shake their heads cause I’ve been saying these things on purpose for years and making sure they would hear me – *”TEE-HEE”. I think it’s a funny joke, but they don’t Hmmm I wonder why?

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