bound on earth,bound in heaven

The words bound on earth,bound in heaven,can mean several things,but we sometimes bind ourselves from our own victory by either trying to hurry the deliverance or trying to help God,as if we could, or we just dont try hard enough and fall short, how many times do we give up ,maybe because we dont exspect our request .to be important enough, I believe that if we decide the devil has hindered us long enough and self has hindered us long enough. we can find an alter somewhere,plant ourselves until we hear from God one way or another ,refusing to leave until .however long it takes,putting everything on hold, we will hear from heaven and be greatly blessed, As Jacob wrestled with the angel and would let him go,even to the point of death ,no telling what we could see, many years ago their was a little girl that was bed ridden.wanted to go to school but to sick to get out of bed,many health issues all her life,her family I new fairly well but I seen her few times but really didnt know her,she was about 12,I guess, I heard see wanted to go to school again,but been about 2 years since she was able,I decided to fast and pray for her,so everyday I spent my lunch hour in church alter,everyday no word of progress,so for 29 days I fasted,no food….word came to me on 29.5 see rode the school bus and went to school after 2 years confined to bed with ocasional bed sores, faith without works is dead,but works without faith is dead also,,,,weeping endure through the night,but joy cometh in the morning,amen we easily bind ourselves by not having our priorities in order

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