How to be wise in the last days

These are some thoughts that God put in my heart today, so I thought I would share them here in the hope that others can benefit and be encouraged and motivated by them:

If in the last days the love of many will grow cold, then I want to make every effort to walk in love no matter what is thrown at me.

If Jesus is wondering if He will find faith on the earth when He returns, then I want to believe and choose to trust God even when:
– I don’t understand
– when it does not make sense
– and no matter what my mind or heart says at times or what the circumstances try to say.

If deception will abound in the last days, and the Bible says in Obadiah that ‘The pride of your heart has deceived you’ (chapter 1) then I will humble myself under the mighty hand of God, trusting in:
– His way
– His plan
– His priorities
– His values
– His commands
– His promised

and not in what my mind, heart, emotions, the culture and world around me say.

I would also bury myself in learning the truth through the Bible and prayer and ask the Holy Spirit to lead me into all truth, so I am protected from deception.

Then I will be safe in the last days.

Though this path might be difficult and narrow, though it goes against my feelings, my mind and my heart at times, it is the wise path that I won’t regret from the other side of eternity.

Join me and be wise!

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