Be a father to the father less

Fathers and Mothers its time that we as christians start living what the word of God says.I have met so many christians that are good at preaching the word of God to their childern but the time is now we need to ask our selves are we walking in love,mwercy,grace and compassion towards our own childern.We need to ask ourselves are we descipling and correcting out of goodness from our hearts?See we need to learn that we cant punish our childern to vent our own frustrations in life.So many childern are being harmed and killed because the parent had a bad day on the job or a horrible day in life and so they vent all their anger and frustration out on their child because the child misbehaved.We as parnts need to ask ourselves are we acting at all like Christ when we get mad or upset because our child messed up?I have spent over 2 years now teaching kids who come from rough areas that even though life hasnt been easy Christ loves them and they are very valuable.So many kids,teens and adults are taking their life because they never have grabbed hold of the concept of just how valuable they are in life.I have been around so many adults and young people that have been damaged severly because their mom or dad took their frustrations out on them.When I heard that demestic violence was in the church I was so heart broken because Men we are the leaders if we hurt those that look to us for answers to lifes problems how can we ever get any one to realize that its the love of Christ coming threw me to you.So please parents watch what you say and do because there is some one watching and listening.Tim

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