bad relationships

Breaking up is hard to do. Even when one has to break up with a non-believer. He’s a great person, just doesn’t want anything to do with God, or Jesus. Oh, and he says Religion and Christianity are the same thing. How could I have allowed my emotions to get wrapped into this person? I don’t know, which is the disturbing part. I can only guess that I could be a witness to him. I think it’s called missionary dating. I didn’t’ do a good job because in the end, I was left with a broken heart, guilt and anger for having a sexual relationship with him, but most of all, my disobedience towards God. I actually began to tell myself that God would change his heart, and then we could be together. Why would God finish something He was not in, or did not start? Now, a week after I broke up with this guy, I miss him and want to call him. I don’t know and fear that I won’t get married, so I’ve been settling with the wrong guys. I hold onto bad relationships because I don’t want to be alone. I know it’s wrong, but why do I find myself in the same situation?

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