Christ Jesus wants all of your Heart

A lot of Christian’s I have come across believe that all the past in our lives have been dealt with. I have heard, ‘ It’s all under the blood’, ‘My past has been washed away’. Even Jesus said in the Bible, “No-one that put their hand to the plow and looks back[to the things behind], is fit for the Kingdom of God”.Luke 9:62.(AB) This verse though is taken out of context when Christ Jesus is really talking about leaving everything to do with the world and follow Him. If we wholeheartedly follow Jesus we won’t look back to the world, as if it had something good that we are going to miss out on.

God’s love & fire

We can grow up trying to find love in all the wrong places, when in reality we are seeking to find God’s Divine Love. Our souls’ are seeking the truth but we have many hindrances. Being bought up in a natural imperfect and sinful world, we are carrying baggage in our soul. Hurt, pain, confusion, bitterness..
We have never seen Divine love, maybe we have had glimpses, but we have never seen Divine heavenly love shed abroad in our lives, until Jesus came and entered our hearts.

4 Laws

These four Laws that we are going to look at encompass all relational issues and there are no exceptions, so we need to get ready to have our eyes opened to the truth of how we have effected these laws in our lives.
That we may be free to glorify God and bless our brothers and sisters in Christ. That we may be instruments to bear much good fruit in our lives for our God’s work here on earth.

‘Trauma’ Getting Stuck

Trauma definition:: ‘Something that happens to us that is beyond our control that causes us to feel intense fear, horror, or helplessness; an event outside normal human experience’.
Quoted from ‘Healing Trauma’ Elijah House Teaching Series pg.4.

“My People are broken-shattered-and they put on Band-aids, saying,’Its not so bad. you’ll be just fine.’ But things are not just fine!.Jeremiah 6:14.

Depression is an Emotion

I want to make a bold statement,
Contrary to what the world says, depression is not an illness, depression is a normal human emotion that we all feel at one time or another.
Clinical or major depression on the other hand has a tendency to be seen as an illness, I believe because of the physical sickness it can cause eg. mind fog, short memory, fatigue etc..
Major depression comes when we fall into complete hopelessness, when there is no hope, and that things will never change. Like we keep batting our heads against a wall that never moves, “What’s the point, there is no hope”.

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