My ipod

I do quite a lot of sitting around in waiting rooms, you know doctors etc. It gets very boring sat there, and looking at the table with all the magazines on, doesnt inspire me much because basically it’s just the same old rubbish with me, me, me in them.

My son is still in Japan

My son lives in Shizuoka prefecture. On Tuesday they had a quake of about 6.2. There wasn’t any damage done where he is. He lives on the coast so is worried about tsunami’s but he said they are fine for now. He and his girlfriend were getting married this coming weekend, but now everything has been cancelled (even our plane tickets), so they are very upset. They were going to go ahead with the wedding even though there would be very few people there, but because of the power cuts, the hotel say’s they can’t do the reception, so that’s it!


Woke up this morning to the shocking news of an earthquake,plus a tsunami off the north east coast of Japan. My son and his wife live further south on the east coast, and obviously I am very concerned for them.

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