Time to break the chains

So many people think Satanist, witches or those in the Occult kill, rape, threaton, steal, harm, terrorize, kidnap or beat on some one just for fun. What so many people don’t realize is if you can’t find love and respect in your home you will find it some where. So many people I have met and I used to know did things not because it was cool or funny but because they wanted to be loved and accepted. So if a demon, Satan or a person says do this or that for your father Satan you will do it.


On the radio the other day a new age speaker was talking about the importance of opening your self to spirits.What I find so amazeing is so many people involved in psychic powers,mediums,wizards,tara cards,quija boards,black magic or white magic dont realize that every time you open the door for demonic spirits to connicet to you,you are actualley becomeing enslaved by them and most dont realize this till its to late.When I wrote my book a psychic discovers jesus I didnt realize I would get e mails from people world wide needing help and getting deliverance.I have told countless people that un

sexual abuse

So many woman and men have been sexualley abused.I have met countless woman who claimed they were married to a christian man that raped or beat them.So many woman have contacted me that have either posed in the nude or are involved in porn because they feel their life means nothing because they were sexualley abused.Several men told me that their gay and their life means nothing because they were sexualley abused.I am not going to lie to you,I am not going to say I knowwhat your going through but I will say this Jesus Christ sufferd more than any other human has suffered because he didnt

Domestic violence in the church

When my minestry started about a year ago I knew I was called show people who have commited horrible and very wicked sins but what I didnt know is more female christians than any one else say God cant forgive me or I have done such horrible things than any one I know so I cant return to church.So many woman of God are allowing their boy friends or their spouce to hurt them spirtualley,mentalley,emotionalley or psysicalley.I find it so heart breaking how many woman tolerate men hurting them and how many woman are going to bed at night crying because they live in a world of isolation,feeli

FORGIVE YOURSELF,very heart breaking story

What your about to read is a very heart breaking story but it can teach us all allot.A 17 year old man was getting excitted about turning 18 and he was looking at differnt cars to buy so he went to his mom and dad and told them about this car that he found.Well it was about 5k so he didnt have the money but he let his parents know how much he wanted it.His dad secretely sold some personal items and closewd his savings account and used all the little bit of money he could come up with to buy this car.Well the dad contacted the car dealership and said dont sale the car because I have the m

Get off the fence and get submitted

When God speaks are we really listening? The Holy Spirit said to me in June of 2010, watch and pray my child because there is coming a shaking in the spirit so strong that those that are walking the fence will be shaken to the point they will have to decide what side they want to be on. Sense he spoke this to me I have known several people that I knew were walking the fence now come against me for taking a stand against twilight, Harry potter and the show medium. Let’s look at some scriptures that I believe are very important to put deep in our spirit to meditate on.

Be forwarned

I have read several articles that speak against those that are apart of the prosperity message and those that apart of T.B.N,but didnt apostle Paul point out that some will preach out of greed but he was more interested in souls getting saved than he was about why people preach the gospel.See we need to check our hearts because if some one is preaching a gospel you dont like maybe its because your envying all their wealth.See I have been to prosperity meetings and I didnt like every thig I heard but when people got saved I was excitted.I find it amazing how many people attack those that

To all those I care about

This is a message to all those wonderful people on this web sight that I have come to get to know and care about,I havent posted any thing in a while because my minestry is rerally taking off and I am getting ready to do my first live christian interview on the T.V.

Does any one have faith

Back in March of 2010 when banks,companies,big industries were all closing their doors I started up my minestry.So many relatives and friends said it will never work because our econemy is so bad that how will you survive.Than in October of 2010 I came with another book.Well I am in shock myself but for almost a year now every time this minestry has had any needs God has come through.I am getting ready to put on my conferance and I needed more of my own books to have on hand and I needed the money and I just recieved another good size love offering.Plus people who have been sowing in to

Father Forgive Us

Father in heaven, please forgive your people for falling into self-righteousness, please forgive us for calling things good that are evil.Please forgive us for killing some many babies and saying that abortation is ok,please forgive us for rejecting the poor and needy and looking at them as if they are less than any one.Please forgive us for throwing teenagers out on the streets and acting like they are trash.Please forgive us for the idolitary in our hearts seeking after mary,buddha,psychics,wizards,mediums,money,power and honor when we should be seeking after Christ.Father please forgi

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