Confused on idolatry and catholicism?

It’s me again 😀
…Ive been reading some post’s regarding idolatry and i’ve come to a conclusion that catholics might be considered the most “idolaters”.

I’M CATHOLIC…BUT…am starting to see idolatry in my denomination and I disagree with it.

A few questions…

1)”Basilica of Guadalupe” in Mexico City
-Literally thousands of people have claimed to have prayed to her and received miracles from her. I’ve seen and heard testimonies about her and how this Virgin Mary has helped people. IM CONFUSED! HELP ME!

Relationship (teen) advice…

The thing I just really want from you guys and what I’d appreciate the MOST is if you guys can give me advice and help………

My girl stated that it’d be ok for us to have intercourse after 9 or 10 months. I really love her and she loves me too unconditionally, yet I feel uncomfortable about being intimate before marriage.

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