in urgent need of help

I am in need of help. I feel as though I am in hell right now, I am in constant terror.
I have never imagined that anyone could feel terror this severe.
My situation is that I am in severe family, financial, medical and psychiatric distress.
I am in a state of semi hysterical agitation, I cannot sleep, I have no money for food, I feel abandoned by God.
I have been praying for months and things are only getting worse. I am actually in terror of what each new day will bring.

I n need of urgent help

I need someone to assist me. I am in a crisis and am having to much panic to even explain.
I cannot focus. I attempted to post several minutes ago, and my post deleted.
My basic situation is that I am being abused by local authorities and hospital staff. No human services agency is willing to assist me, and I have no one else to go to for help.
I have tried praying and my situation gets worse every day .

I do suffer from ptsd and nervous hysteria, but I have never had any delusional disorders and amexperiencing real abuse.

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