Over the years, I have heard many criticisms about the Charismatic form of worship. I myself came from a conservative evangelical church. Reality is, there is no perfect church and in whichever church I attend, there are negative aspects. So at the end of the day, I choose a church that connects me with God most, and that’s what I like about the Charismatic churches.

Head vs Heart

Do you have intimacy issues? What I’m referring to here is, do you feel difficult to give your heart to anyone, to trust anyone, and to feel much at all? Many of us suffer from intimacy issues but don’t realise it. We are not able to feel the emotions of things very much and may even be removed from the actual emotions itself.

What does a relationship with God look like?

The bible refers to God as our Abba Father – an intimate fatherly relationship. Unfortunately for many of us, a fatherly relationship creates a rather undesirable picture in our head based on our own relationship with our own father.

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