Raking leaves with God

🙂 Ok, this was cool. Praise God for helping and teaching me.while raking leaves. Man, I love Him and you.. I pray this blesses and edifies you, in Jesus name. Amen – http://serious-things.com/raking-leaves-with-God/

Faith, Obedience, and Blessings

Praise God for answered prayers. Here is a testimony from the Lord
(and a great lesson) – Faith, Obedience, and Blessings. I pray this
blesses you –

Witnessing to God

Hello, I’d like to share my testimony as well. Thank you for the opportunity. My testimony is an ongoing witnessing of God’s wonders, signs, answered prayers, lessons, etc. My original testimony and many others can be found here, Serious Things.

I’m so grateful for Christian brothers and sisters doing things such as this site, Christian Faith. Get the word out there. Love ya all,


Seriousthings – God’s blessed testimonies

This is my journal of testimonies in my walk w/ the Lord. They happen frequently and I asked “Why Lord?” and He said “Reveal what I show you.”

In obedience.. http://serious-things.com


Blessed be the Lord God of Israel

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