How Great Thou Art!

Not even any creation can be compared to your artistic and creative nature both in heaven and on earth and in under the earth!

if you were a banker, I would have declared bankcrutpy many a times because of the many times I am always falling short and found wanting.

But Lord you preserved and provided for my life in some awesome manner beyond understanding.

Many a times I have been through really tough live accidents which nearly took my life, but you witheld the breath even though I have gone through tougher operations all over my body. Body is like patched work.

Learning, understanding and searching deeper meaning of the word of God and getting closer to my maker!

Thanks lots for this site! I found it today after searching for long on confusion on topics like deliverance, curses and how can one be free from these bondages! My life has been in circles and have gone to various depths searching for the causes behind but to no avail, non were found until I challenged myself. I said to myself, all academics, skills and trainings I am successful but why am I not in the word and where exactly am I missing?

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