Snippets from the hard copy Universal Reconciliation library of Rodger Tutt

Hi everyone. I’m Rodger Tutt in Toronto, Canada. Every day or so I would like to post a snippet from a different hard copy book in my Universal Reconciliation library. I hope you enjoy them.

#1 – A SNIPPET FROM REDEMPTION ALL IN ALL – RAY PRINZING (my earthly hero and mentor)

If you cannot love an eternal torment god —– the first 500 years of the Christian church

If you cannot love an eternal torment god

For the first 500 years of the Christian church, universal salvation was the prevailing doctrine of a large majority of the Christian church. To find the evidence that this is so, copy and paste into Google

These online books also explain why and how this changed.
Copy and paste into Google

History of opinions on the scriptural doctrine
The Church Fathers Testify To The Ultimate Triumph Of Jesus Christ
books prevailing
origin and history of the doctrine


The introduction at the beginning of each chapter is not the chapter itself. You must click on the highlighted title of each chapter to bring up the entire chapter to read it. Each chapter is quite long and comprehensive.

The “danger” in preaching the truth resides only in the imagination of the person who doesn’t understand the truth.

The online book “HIS ACHIEVEMENT ARE WE” by James Coram needs no defense. It stands on its own merit.
It has helped many people.

my testimony

Because my testimony is helping so many people, I am posting it here so it will stay on your front page for awhile if that’s ok with you.

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