Dispensational view of Israel and the Church- is this right?

I often find a lot of people seem to hold somewhat to the dispensational view, and there is something that appears to me somewhat confused about the nature of Israel and the church.

Sensible approach to “sola Scriptura” from a Pentecostal/charismatic POV?

I have often found in speaking to, or reading from things by, cessationist types, that they consider prophecies would have to be things that would be new revelation of the same weight as, and in addition to, Scripture. Also considering some alleged revelations written in Christian books, on the Net etc. I am wondering if we must not accept them if there is anything additional to Scripture? Now my own understanding is that prophecies, manifestations of the gifts of wrods of knowledge, wisdom, etc. will not be saying anything additional to Scripture, but is this necessarily the case?

What, if any, out of the works of the “Church Fathers” (or early Christian writers) is worth reading?

This question came up partly as a result of debating with ceretain Catholic and “Orthodox” persons on Facebook. They have made reference to the Church “Fathers”- some of the early Christian writers from the era following the age of the New Testament and the original apostles.

Doing evangelism, and how?

This seems to have been a bit of a concern for me for a while, and especially today, I’d like to enquire about how one best goes about doing evangelism, but I have a few problems concerning areas in which I might have sinned in this area.

Basically my problem concerns today, at least twice I feel as though I might have had urges to go somewhere and tell someone the gospel, which seems may have happened befre but havealways giiven up and tried to walk out of the situation without talking to anyone as either I’,m not sure what to say or whether these apparent urges are from God.

Hi all!

I’ve contributed once or twice on this forum before, but I thought I’d take the time to introduce myself (given there’s a ‘Getting to Know You’ section!) and ask maybe one or two questions. I’m Richard, I’m from the north of England, 21 years old and unempolyed. I’ve sort of been a Christian nominally on and off most of my life, not sure I can recall a point when I made a decision to believe in and follow Christ once and for all, I’ve always struggled with doubt and sin a lot, and not been too sure I’ve really committed myself totally to God, but I know I ought to and it is my desire.

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