A Prophecy that Precedes the rapure

A time of Change

We live in an age of change. There is, however, a hidden change looming on the horizon that will affect the global scene. We read in the Book of Revelations, Chapter 11:15. “And the kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ;” however, before that great day, a major proclamation of the Lord must be fulfilled. We read in John 10:16 that ultimately there will be one fold under one Shepherd. We proceed to portray the climate in the Church that evidently must lead to the fulfillment of that proclamation.

Increasingly even adherents of the Christian faith, either by word or implication, are expressing that there are many ways that lead to God. The Christology Centre is a ministry that seeks to establish that this movement directly opposes a fundamental truth of the Christian Faith. We first portray events that led to the proclamation of the one fold, which evidently must be fulfilled during the present age.

In The Gospel According to John, chapters 7 to 8 we read, that the Lord taught in the temple: the key message of that teaching was that no one will go to the Father than through Him. That message induced some of His audience to confess that Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God. Yet, the temple officers threw stones at Him; thereby, He was officially rejected from the temple.

The Gospel of John presents this profound scene so that we today may understand that the next scene is directly linked to the first scene where the two scenes lead to the key proclamation of the Lord’s Ministry. We read that when the authorities threw stones the Lord hid Himself and went unseen through the midst of them.

First we proceed to quote the linking scene and then the proclamation. As the Lord went unseen through the midst of the authorities of the temple, the Lord healed a man who was blind from his birth. Then Pharisees who observed the healing took that man and his parents to the temple and questioned them concerning Jesus. Then they casted the man from the temple.

When Jesus heard about this, He found the man and asked if he believed in the Son of God. This led this man to confess that he believed; the man then worshipped the Lord. (John 18:35.) The Lord then proclaimed the message that is destined to be fulfilled during the present age we rightly call the Last Days:

“And other sheep I have which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold and one shepherd”(John 10:16.)

It is a key perception that the Lord referred to a future ministry that follows the next scene that we portray. Then that ministry leads to the One Fold.

We may discern that the man born blind was the role model for the many who would confess the Lord as an effect of the commission of the Disciples of the Lord who were commanded to preach the gospel to the people of all nations.

Analysis of the three portrayed related scenes, which are the teaching in the temple, the casting of stones and the confession of faith by the role model for all believers established the foundation of the commission of the disciples to preach the Gospel to all Nations. They were to proclaim to the spiritual nations of the world that Jesus is the Son of the Living God Who is the only way to the Father. The time for the fulfillment has come. Every follower of the Lord today is confronted to confess that the One Fold must be established and that then the Lord will return.

The Lord admonished that we observe the signs of the times: that message is evidently addressed to the people of our age. From the perspective of today’s worldview the formation of the One Fold is nothing short of a mystery. The formation is one of the profoundest mysteries of God. That perception led to a study of the scripture in the Book of Revelation where another angel exclaimed, “But in the days of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets Rev. (10 verse 7.)

If the formation of the One Fold during the Last Days and the subsequent appearance of the Teacher of the One Fold Who is Jesus Christ are aspects of the mystery of God, the quoted scripture presents a dilemma. We read that when the seventh angel sounds, the mystery should be finished. The scriptures that precede this prophecy reveal that the mystery of God should be finished during the final age called the Last Days. Yet, the servants to whom the mystery was declared precede the time when the angel shall sound, i.e., precedes the time that the mystery should be finished. Since the mystery is not revealed in the scriptures, the Lord must have commanded the prophets to seal the mystery. We proceed to search for scriptures that speak about the sealing of knowledge.

The scriptures record that the prophet Daniel and the Apostle John were commanded by respectively a man and an angel who appeared in visions to seal what they were shown. These scriptures do not record what was sealed. However, we read in the Book of Isaiah, chapter 2:1-4 that the Lord during the Last Days will teach His Law. A study of that scripture about the effects of that teaching reveals that this law was not revealed until the Last Days. In essence, therefore, the Law was sealed. A study of that scripture from the perspective of the Mystery of God that should be completed during the Last Days, the Law that will be established during our age reveals the mystery.

Note: The sealing by the three prophets is according to the spiritual precept that two or three must witness words that are not definitively stated in the scriptures.

It should be evident that there must be a profound reason for the divinely commanded sealing of redemption knowledge. A study of the law that was sealed reveals that it was essential that the People of God would discern a relative reason for the sealing; that reason was to prevent that they would search beyond the relative information for the sealed knowledge. To ensure the sealing, the Lord and His disciples and some of the prophets who had to understand that the Law of God was sealed until the appointed time registered cryptic messages that relate to the sealing so that the people who would be called to search for the law would know that the search is scriptural. (After we have presented major aspects of the law that was sealed, we will define a major reason for the sealing.)

In Matthew we read a key cryptic message by Jesus Christ: the Lord did not define the mysteries. The Disciples asked the Lord why He taught the people in parables. The Lord answered, “It is given unto you to know the mysteries of the Kingdom to them it is not given” (Matt. 13 verse 11). The Mathew scripture emphasizes that the mysteries were not publicly taught: we read that other than in parables He did not teach (Matt. 13:34).

Even if a follower of Jesus Christ would question the validity of the perception about the sealing of the Law of God, that Law that is presently being revealed by the Holy Spirit affirms that the Law is of God. That affirmation involves a study of the search for the Law where the search reveals the Law. However, it is the intention of this posting to show that the sealing of the law of God is scriptural. As a servant of the Lord studies the here presented relative perceptions, she or he should contemplate that no one could know the nature of the Law of God that was sealed until the Law is revealed.

It remains that a study of the Law that was sealed must definitively confirm that the Law of God was sealed and is revealed during the present age. The Ministry has posted this article to proclaim that the Law was sealed and is now established. Nevertheless, we will proceed to define a relative overview of major aspects of the Law that confirm that the proclaimed Law is the Law of God.

Throughout the further discussion, a reader should keep focus on the development of the perception how the Power of the Law of God will manifest so that the One Fold will be established and the scenario for the End-time determined by that Law will manifest.

The defining of concepts that are presented outside of the context of the logically unfolding law are of necessity relative statements that however reveal glimpses of the Law.

Fundamental Aspects of the Law
The Law of God that was sealed is not a law of commandments; the Decalogue by Moses has that function. It should be evident that the sealing of knowledge by divine command affects the scriptural teachings considering the redemption of the People of God. The sealing must, therefore, have a profound reason. The Law reveals that the sealing was essential to assure the redemption of the People of God. The fundamental principal of the Law that opposes the Law of God would have caused even the first nuance of that Law to be negated into a precept of the ultimate Law of the Prince of this World. Then our universe would have been forever the Realm of the Prince.

Comment: (The Law reveals that the faith–based doctrines that precede the teaching based on the Law that was sealed are sanctified by the Holy Spirit so that the practice of the doctrines prepares the followers of Jesus Christ for the confession that leads to the transition to Paradise.

So that the reader who studies this posting may have glimpses of the Law, we will define a relative overview how the servants who compiled the Law began that mission. These servants as an effect of a scriptural study that led to the perception that the Law of God was sealed were inspired to envision that the Creator began the Work of Creation by conceiving a condition that we humanly would refer to as an “absence of information.” They then envisioned that the Law of God, which they perceived to be one with the Mind of the Creator, whom they believed by faith to be Jesus Christ, is the law of creation that the Lord applied to the defined condition. They then envisioned that the application of the Law caused the formation of Paradise.

The compilers were then inspired to assign a geometrical symbol to the absolute condition defined as the absence of information. They then applied the creation principle that they discerned as an effect of an analysis of the hypothetical envisioned Creative Act, which caused the formation of Paradise, to the symbol. The application of the principle changed the symbol. Repeated cycles of application revealed a chain of symbols. Eventually, the creation principle became more complex. Further application of the expanded principle to the developing chain gradually started to reveal the Law that was one with the Mind of the Creator Who created the perfect universe called Paradise. The unbiased application of the principle revealed a logically unfolding model of creation that revealed the progressively developing law that is one with the Mind of God.

The search for the Law revealed a worldview that we in this format must define in the context of a relatively true process. (However, a study of the search for the Law of God that we refer to as the law of creation, has the potential to reveal a logically unfolding model of creation of the creative work of Christ). The model revealed that Christ conceived the perfect universe that is Paradise and that Lucifer who was an Ambassador of Christ conceived a counterfeit of Paradise. The imperfect counterfeit universe that initially existed in the Mind of the Creator was by the Law (that we stated to be one with the Mind of Christ) rejected from that Mind—from the Mind of Christ.

The counterfeit universe functions under the control of Lucifer whom the Lord referred to as the Prince of this World (John 14:30). This salutation indicates that the Prince is a ruler of the counterfeit universe. The Law reveals that even in the counterfeit universe the Law of God is present and potentially functions as the Holy Spirit. However, in the counterfeit universe, the counterfeit of the absolute Law of Paradise controls the counterfeit universe that is the Domain of the Prince. Consequently, every aspect of the counterfeit universe is a polarized manifestation.

The polarized manifestation is a key aspect of the counterfeit universe—our universe; we will in this format, as earlier stated, present relative perceptions about the polarity aspect. The universe that Christ created is of singular perfection.The counterfeiting of the perfection manifested as a universe where every aspect is potentially perfect or imperfect. The polarity manifests at random.

The polarity manifests as a universe that is comprised of two opposite substances: a spiritual dimension that is comprised of an invisible-to-the-senses spiritual substance. The other pole is comprised of physical energy. The Powers that are the Prince and the Holy Spirit are aspects of the invisible spiritual dimension of the counterfeit universe. For the understanding of the One Fold, we need to define that the physical human minds are extensions of invisible spiritual minds that are part of the spiritual dimension. Most Bible students are aware of the reality of the invisible spiritual dimension and the physical reality that we refer to as “our world.” However, when a follower of the Lord understands the law of creation, then the invisible extension of her or his

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