Healed from MPD, DID and now an evangelist moving in God’s power!

I was born into an abusive, dysfunctional, and mentally ill family. Physical, mental, verbal, emotional and sexual abuse were all a part of my life by the time that I was five. Genuine love was also a part which made it even more confusing. Because of the trauma’s I was unable to cope with, I began to dissociate at the age of two. This led to a disorder now known as DID (dissociative identity disorder) formally called MPD (multiple personality disorder).

Healing of Frozen Shoulder during Fast

Over the short period of 3 weeks I have been healed of frozen shoulder of 10 months. I cancelled the surgery that was scheduled for Oct 18th. I was also told by my family physician I HAD to go on Blood pressure medicine so I did. WELL…..I saw him today and they took my blood pressure 3 times. It dropped 30 points in one month (no medicine can do that) and my doctor told me I can stop taking it Im cured……haha HEALED in Jesus Name! Hallelujah! And it is so great to be able to use my shoulder and not be in chronic pain. For 10 months, and now I am healed Praise God!

My testimony


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