I to must approach old close nit friends about my change to god and jesus

I myself have just found christ and need to let my friends just like another post i just read from “dresserandkeeper” I know as it is actually something to be proud of not ashamed. I feel i will loose a life long friend and most of my friends within my group if I do as we are a very tight nit group.

Can anybody answer this question as it puzzles me

I hope this isn’t a stupid question but in medieval times one way that witches were indetified was in the fact that they had a third nipple, If you have read my former post’s you will know that as a child i sold my soul and I infact have 4 nipples I only noticed that afer selling my soul they are only tiny marks (the extra nipples) but as a doctor told me they are extra nipples. Has this got anything to do with anything? or just that I am different in that way and only noticed them later in life?

For all none believers or those who have non believer friends

I encourage all who have doubts that god and jesus exist to read my other post for if there is a devil there is definately the opposite which he opposes – God and jesus. I encourage all none believers to change their ways to avoid situation’s like mine. I refused jesus until very resently and he and god are actively working to save my soul.

In a seemingly hopeless situation, please help

This is very hard for me to write as it forces me to bare my soul. At a young age 13-14 I first experimented with drugs starting with pot and progressing to lsd, presciption pills, speed only a few years ago i ended my use of ecstasy. At the same time i started drugs i started to listening to very heavy metal (satanic) such as Deicide, Morbid Angel etc etc. I have always been an introvert and an intelligent student uptil drugs and seemingly mental illness which is somewhat important i describing what comes next.

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