Recent mission trip to Thailand,

Missions Report April 2011

Pastor Pauline (Pakamas Meteakarakul)

Jesus Community Ministry, NakonRatchisima, (Korat) Thailand

Jesus Community Ministry,(JCM) consists of four Churches in Korat.

They are as follows: Tanpraporn Church, Pantakorn Church, Nongsano Church and Phimai Christian Centre. (We want to be New Wine Skin or Apostolic Church).

What I’m about to write took place after having a big Crusade, with Henry Madava, from the Ukraine. Shortly after which I took a trip to Cambodia, with Randy Nelson, from the USA.

The filling that fell out, turned out to be a miracle! by Missionary Geeta

For the past two years I have been having sparodic toothache in my bottom back tooth. I would pray and the pain would go away so I didn’t see the need for a Dentist. In the meantime, I have been asking God to send me a Dentist who can work with a ‘Missionary’s budget”. I, however, made no effort to find one. One day out of the clear blue, a filling fell out of my mouth. I found it rather strange that it should fall out from my bottom front tooth. I avoided the destist office even then but, it became impossible to eat without getting food stuck in the cavity.

Pic of mission trip to India 2010, Missionary Geeta





Missions to India 2010, Pic. by Missionary Geeta



Missions to East Africa 2010 Missionary/Evangelist Geeta


Mission trip to India 2010

Missions Update
India 2010
When I think of India, I think of my ancestors and what their lives might have been like many years ago.

Missionary Geeta’s testimony!

Greetings from the USA, I recently read the following statement, “America needs God, but God doesn’t need America.” I pray that I never fall in that category I want God to need me. After all, He said, go ye (my name there) into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature- Mark 16:15. I have been to many parts of the world, and trust me when I say, I have preached to some creatures.

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Help us reach more people with the true and full gospel. Jesus said, "Give and it shall be given unto you. The measure you use will be measured back to you." (Luke 6:38)

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