Hie guys I used to believe in tithing but through reading the bible I feel that we as new testament believers are not obliged to tithe but to give offerings cheerfully.
I also think that ithing makes some people proud (especially if some in the church do not tithe)
How do you see it?
Tithe was mearnt for the Levites because they did not have land.
Malachi accused the Priest of robbing God not the people.

This is a good website.

Hie there my name is Kudakwashe Karupa I am a Zimbabwean and thus live in Zimbabwe.I can say that I didn’t know Jesus although I claimed to be a christian.In my quest to know Jesus I started to read the bible intensively and also to search on the internet and God directed me to several websites including this one.I searched about the Holy Spirit but I did not find satisfactory answers until I read Michael’s Testimony but still I did not find what I really wanted .Fortunately I read an article posted by Michael on this website about the Holy Spirit ,it is a detailed article and an exhaustive on

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