Another Opportunity

My praises are going to our Lord Jesus Christ .. the Lord opened the door for me to work again …it was along jurny but i had to get well before i can work when i was useing drugs and drinking i became ill so know im doing better 10 years better and i thank the Lord for alowing me to work again .. so my praises go to our God Almighty he pulled me out from going to Hell when he went to the Cross for you and me and for gave me for all i did ,, thank you Lord

When I was saved

I was a lost person didn’t have much a head of me in my life .. i grew up in La Miroda Cal , there is were I start doing drugs and drinking alot i did that for about 20 years of my life I was in the Hospital and my mom was there and she asked me why and i said i like it so she took my house key and walked out.. from there i had now were to go and my sister took me in i sobared up at my sisters house and stayed sobar..

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