God’s Will vs My Will

So I applied for all these internships and was able to get into an internship through my school and in one day total last minute miraculously my current job is going to allow me to leave early and complete the internship on Tuesdays and Thursdays. My son’s father, at first he wasn’t going to help me, but we prayed that God would soften his heart, and he agreed to temporarily change our exchange schedule so that I can graduate this summer. I had trouble adding the class and then got help at the school and was able to add it by Thursday.

Faith vs Fear

I’m a single mom, I’ve been praying that God bless me with a better job. You see, I’m nearly finished with my bachelors degree and all I need is my internship and to some how find a way to pay for the last three units. So I applied and was able to apply for graduation and hoped to find an internship and possible new job by summer. Well, the internship I thought would be approved wasn’t and I got two interviews out of no where, thank God. Yesterday, I interviewed and I thought it went well, and then they told me the position had been filled internally. I felt like a bafoon.

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