Question about unpardonable sin.


First of all I have to tell that I’m 15 years old and I’ve aspergers syndrome and a bit OCD/Involuntary thoughts. I’ve had a tough schooling, with getting bullied a lot and so, and been taking medication almost my whole life too. Jesus saved me many times, for example when a sudden lightning strike hit the ground just a few steps away from me. Just so you know I respect him and love him, and I never want to leave him.

I’ve been more depressed than ever at some points, when I thought I had blasphemed the holy spirit, and felt if Jesus doesn’t forgive me, I’ve nothing to live for.

Greetings from Sweden

Hi, I’m 15 years and I’ve been a christian since I was 6 or 7~. I’ve just started highschool. I like to go to church, read the bible and to play computer sometimes (I used to play games every day). But now since I feel the end is really near I’ve started reading the bible every day and looking at christian sites and forums.

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