Re Atheism, Agnosticism Prayer Miracles and Biblical critcism

Hi all

I recently posted a message in the introductions section. You can look to see it and the reply from Michael which prompted a number of private messages between us to clarify our positions and to develop a friendly dicourse. The upshot of this is that Michael asked me some qustions and I answered as best I could.

Agnostic, Humanist, Atheist Newby saying Hi

Hi All
I thought I would give you a try as this looks like a nice civilsed forum ( which is rare these days). I used to be a frequent poster to a small forum called Faithforum. I made some very good Christian friends on there and miss the communication that had built up.

While these Christians had such names as Mike the Catholic, Leonard a sinner, Rhut, Petra and Patricia, I came to know them well despite the fact it was via the forums.

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