child of god

Hello my name is jeffery,i live in ontario canada,i just want to share that as of lastnight wheni went to church,i was led by the spirit,for he has been dealing with me for a long time,so ive been meaning for a change in life and i was running away from god,running from my problems,cuz i turned to alcohol to escape,so i finally managed to go,and i gave my life to god,praise god,yes that is all i want to share today,so now i can finally start my walk with king of kings and lord of lords and do his will as it may.


hi sorry havent been on in awhile,so cheers and have a good day.

my vision of jesus.

hello my name is jeffery,i just want to share my testimony of my experience with jesus in the year 2000 my vision was in winnipeg manitoba,at this time i was only 20yrs old,so i will get to my testimony

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