(In The Word) 12- Healing In The Old Testament audio link by Milton Green

Good Morning brothers and sisters,

Hear is teaching 12 of 16 in a series by Milton Green. Make sure to go back and listen to these in order starting with audio link 1 that I posted.

For new believers this teaching series is a great way to mature and get a very solid foundation and bring you up to speed with a lot of the teachings that are done on this website.

I am so thankful for the heart of Michael to sacrifice so much of his time and resources to have this website available for those seeking the truth of the word of God.

audio link:

Satan does not hate the rapture! He is the one who fabricated the story of the rapture to begin with

The rapture is lie created by the powers of darkness to coincide with the peace and safety gospel message preached in most churches where you can willfully practice sin and God is completely okay with it. It will not destroy you because you have said the prayer and took it a step farther because you got water baptized. Jesus, bless your soul, does not want your little flesh to suffer and He is going to take you out of this world before judgment comes. The rapture is a total joke of a message based mainly out of Matthew 24 and Daniel 12.

(In The Word) 11- The Mother of Harlots

Sorry I have not posted anything from this series in a couple of days, but I have been very busy. Here is number 11 of 16. for anyone new checking out this audio link you need to start back at the beginning or you may be a little lost.

God Bless

Audio link:

(In The Word Of God) 10- Falling Away From Your First Love

I hope everyone has had a blessed day. Before I post this audio link which is 10 of 16 I would like to share my heart. Jesus said in the in the last days it will be just like the days of Noah. Many people are going to be swept way from the flood. When you study Revelation you will see that that flood is going to be bitter as wormwood.

(In The Word) 09- Bearing Fruit For God Or The Devil part 2 by Milton Green audio link

Hello everybody,

I hope for you guys who have been going through this teaching series you re being blessed by this. This is a very powerful teaching from thirty years ago by a man who had so much insight on the last days. This is teaching 9 of 16.

I got tickled when I pulled this audio link up tonight because somebody had left a comment on this link. I thought I would post it for laughs and giggles. This comment was left by a Brother Tom.

(In The Word) 08- Bearing Fruit For God Or The Devil by Milton Green audio link

I am making this one short and sweet because I have worked 15 hours today and need to get some sleep.

God Bless

audio link:

(In The Word) 07- Who is The Adultress by Milton Green by Milton Green audio link

My hope is that all who are seeking the truth of God’s word will find a little more truth in God’s word today that they can apply to their daily pursuit to follow Christ footsteps and overcome the schemes and deceptions of Satan.

God Bless

Audio link:

(In The Word) 06- Hearing The Word of God audio link by Milton Green

I feel kind of like a kind in a candy store for Jesus to allow me to have found this teaching series from the 1980’s on healing and deliverance that was conducted in Dallas TX. by Milton Green. This is a sixteen part series that was done over a 5 day period. This is the 6th of 16. I have already posted the first five over the last couple of days and recommend for everyone to go back an listen to this series in order

(In The Word) 05- The Flesh and The Powers of Darkness by Milton Green audio link

Here is message 5

God Bless


(In The Word) 04- The Flesh And The Powers of Darkness by Milton Green audio link

This is message 4 in a 16 part teaching series and I highly recommend listening to these audio links in order. Milton Green passed away in 1987 but this still may be one of the most powerful teaching series I have ever heard. I feel so blessed to have stumbled across the teaching series yesterday in the internet. I hope this blesses you. Corey audio Link http://media.sermonindex.net/12/SID12613.mp3

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