Frank Hammond Deliverance Teachings

Frank Hammond was one of the early pioneers of teaching on Deliverance in the Charismatic movement. His book “Pigs in the Parlor” was controversial but it did cause many to consider the issue of deliverance for Christians. Because deliverance is important and life-changing we need to learn all we can about it. It is very […]

Andrew Goodwin, Ex-schizophrenic Videos

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Ex-schizophrenic Andrew Goodwin on Revelation TV

Mental Health, My Prayer For You

If you read my testimony and are someone who suffers with a mental illness then this is my prayer video for you. I know that what Jesus has done on the cross was to buy my freedom fron sin and the bondage that satan had me bound with. all this He can do for you too. i hope you are encouraged by my prayer and by the power and love of God.


Part 1


Hoping to spread the word

Soon i have the chance to share my testimony on TV on two seperate occaisions. I am really looking forward to this and pray that what the Lord has done for me will encourage many to seek and recieve the deliverance i have had.

I hope to get feed back and the chance to let my experience be a true blessing. Mental illness must leave as we draw closer to the Lord. I overcame through His love and i am no special case, this is for every believer. God bless, Andrew. 

Looking Back

Over the last year the Lord has taken me so many things, it’s sometimes hard to remember everthing. One thing I feel I need to do now is give as many people the chance to hear what the Lord has done in my life since I committed my life to Him in 2001. I hope that my story will act as a source of hope and encouragement to people who suffer or know people who suffer with certain forms of mental illness such as depression, bi-polar and schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia Healed


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My Story, by Andrew Goodwin

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