I will worship the lamb of glory , I will worship the king of kings!!!

I have a wonderful joy in my heart!! I have been singing this song all day!! Yesterday was a great service! When I went up for prayer I experinced 2 hugs from the Lord. His spirtual hug and a physical hug from my pastor. As I was waiting to get prayed for I asked the Lord to hug me, to please show me how powerful he is. I also asked him to give me an open heart and to knock me down even if I resisted. The Lord is awesome and I am so thankful for him.


Hello fellow readers, may god bless your family and goals. I was watching this movie for the first time and my heart shattered in a trillion pieces. I was hurt through out this whole movie. I spoke to my pastor about it and he told me that, that isn’t half of what they did to our precios Jesus. I have seen other Jesus movies and cried the way through them. But this movie opened my eyes a little more on how strong of a man Jesus is and how he loved us so. Even while they hammered the nails in his palms, he told our Lord to forgive them!!!!!


Hello everyone. I ask that you please be so kind and pray for my church which burned down 3months ago. The name to our temple is: “OPEN DOOR MISSIONARY”.We were located on Washington ave in The Bronx, NY. I know that the Lord has a beautiful temple for us, so I ask that you please pray for our faith. That iT may not fade way and that it may grow each day. IT’s amazing what the Lord does,because even through this thunderstorm I feel that our church is getting stronger. Please pray that we appreciate the beautiful temple that the Lord has in store for us.


Hello brothers and sisters! I just wanted to let all of you know how happy I am living my life with the Lord. Sometimes I dont understand his love. But i will love him back with all of my forces. I am so grateful to have know the Lord at such an early age. I could have spent the next 20,30,40,or even 50 years with out knowing about him. I am so thankful that he came in to my life and is showing me the truth through him.I am 19 years old,and went through alot of hardship at a very young age. I was living a life that was destryoing my soul and love for myself.


How I desire in my heart to hear him speak to me directly as he did to Moses and the ones before him. To hear God’s voice would be a permant scare in my heart. I know that I would become a better person and more persistant in prayer. I will never give up praying to recieve that wonderful gift. I want desperately for Jesus to pick me out of the crowd and make me help my people. I would love for the Lord to use me like he used Moses. And I know it was not easy for Moses, but the Lord was with him every step of the way.

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