Old and New friends where are you!

Hi all,
I was busy and tight for almost a year and so, I lost contact with CF except Mike’s mails. I have lately being with little spare time and I thought I would come back. michael have recognized me probably in Facebook using different name.

I wanted to know old frieds and usual brethren like pshradder, Anurekha, warrior daughter, Tim, robert kalimanowaski et al are still active!

Of course I look forward to discuss with newfound brethrens!

am back!


Hello saint of God,
Praise be to our Most High God Yahweh and to the Son of God Jesus.
Glory and Honor be to Him and Him alone.
Its another blog discussing Christian issues on light of Word of God. Today I will be dealing with foundation doctrines of Christian faith. As the title suggests, if you don’t believe them, then know that you are not even a Christian. Why? Simple, if you deny the presence of foundation, then you deny existence of a house also. So if you deny these doctrines, then know you that Jesus doesn’t know you!

Delivered from Power of darkness – Emmanuel Eni

Have anybody read the Book?
Any recommendation? The book is here:

Desperately need these Books!

Hello dears,
Glory be to God for I’m living and He is indeed good.
I need two books, and aren’t available here! Are there available to your home countries? Can one help me to get one?

1. Illustrations of Masonry – Captain Morgan H.M

2. Masonry beyond light – William Schnoebelen

3.Deadly Deception – Jim Shaw

4.Letters on Freemasonry – President, John Quincy Adams

I need them for complete warning teaching on freemasonry. I have some resources, but these also are needed. Any Help on this is greatly appreciated!

In his vineyard,
Steve Wave


Many people are not sure if they need saviour or not. Many are so confused that they see things of God as “Controversial and complex to understand”. This is another lie from the enemy of God, who always seeks to misrepresent God as confusing being, and cruel judge seating on heavens; pointing finger of judgement on mankind. On contrary, thing of God are simple to understand and are presented as plain truth. They are so clear that everyone who is in search for truth, will find it. Let us now make journey through word of God to see whether Man need saviour or not and why!

Witnessing to the Cults and Ocullts Complled with Love

Strange it might be, Clearer it might be, I didn’t understand very exact meaning of John 8:44 not because I’m dumb! It is because of what I saw today. Let’s read it

44Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

You still don’t get me?

Demons Expelled

Today was the Last day of the great seminar Talking About how to Posses and reign through prayer! It have been wonderful but Just a glimpse of what happened today. As servant of God was praying for Young girls, Demons amnifested and demonstrated a lot! then I helped ushers to take the people to deliverance tent. You know what! I found too many demonized people in the tent and I have to stop going back to hear seminar to Help them in Casting out Demons.

The business went well and Jesus LIFTED HIMSELF.demons were cast out and girls were free!

Need for deliverance forum!

I think it is a time for putting separate forum about divine healing and deliverance as theology or prophecy.I also suggest to break the site into two three modes

1.Teachings – let them have separate place that will only be for them.It will be easy for somebody to find them. with links provided to every group as it is now.

Great Tribulation!

The question is as simple as this: what is great tribulation,who will participate,why?

Scripture backed opinions please!!
Be blessed
Ev. Steve

Marriage Supper of the Lamb and The Second Coming

I have been studying rapture to determine it controversy timing. To me the rapture(catching away is of no question,it will really happen).God have provided it in his Book of books,the Bible.

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