back where I started…almost?

Ok, I have received lots of support and good advice here before, I am in need again.

I am dabbling with chewing tobacco again. Nasty stuff, I know the Lord doesn’t want me doing that. My wife is all depressed. There has been sickness of one form or another in my family for I don’t know how long now. One of us gets a cold or cough or stomach flu and then the next, a vicious circle. Now I have a mole or wart or something like that giving me fits, guess I’m gonna have to get it removed, and that’s scary.

tent dreams….


I wondered if anyone else was having dreams of living in tents, or being displaced, trying to reach a destination where others are, or arriving at a large group people living in tents after striving to get there.

How to talk about my new life in Jesus to “old friends”

I have been feeling like i need to tell a few old friends that I have made a decision to give all of my life to Jesus. I’m not sure how to tell them. One in particular was a good friend and we drank beer together, smoked weed, hunted together, we spent lots of time together. He cusses like a sailor, and still enjoys doing all the other things to. Since my lifestyle has changed I’ve hardly spoke to him, he probably wonders whats wrong with me. I don’t want to avoid him, but I have just because I knew the Lord has been asking me to talk about whats changed in my life.

Prayer thread for those overcoming the spirit of fear

This is for everyone to post in who needs prayer overcoming the spirit of fear. please post your prayer requests here.

If you need resources, like scripture, testimonies, links to other articles etc. please check out the link below also.

You can be free from fear!

Hello to all you fellow believers. This is me going into a strong offensive position instead of weak defense for a change.
I hope this blesses you and spurs many thoughtful replies, sincere prayers, and above all what I would like to see from this post is an ALL OUT WAR BEGIN AGAINST THE SPIRIT OF FEAR.

Please pray for me

Hi, I am having some weird things happen in my mouth and throat. At first I thought it was related to teeth trouble but now I’m not so sure.

the underside of my tongue is sore and the left side of my tongue is raw feeling. It goes into my throat to on the left side, it feels like something stuck in my throat. My jaw is sore especially on the left side. sometimes my cheek seems to swell some to.

my first blog…

I have been battling an addiction to chewing tobacco. It has had a very big stronghold in my life even after the appearance of health issues more than likely caused from it.
I believe this was about more than nicotine. I had recently decided to rededicate my life to the Lord Jesus. I was having feelings that the Holy Spirit wanted me to give up the nicotine, but I held on. I told myself it wasn’t as important as other things like faith, forgiveness, etc. And I would quote the scripture in Matt. 15:11:

Praise God!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m not sure if this is the proper place to post this or not but I’m doing it anyway.

I just wanted to publicly thank God for Micheal Fackerell.

I was being literally beat down by the worst fear I’ve ever known and doubt. I know now it was the devil trying to keep me and my family from getting our relationship back with Jesus. It was then I found Micheal’s article on faith. What a blessing, it reminded me of things I had known, and shown me many things I didn’t know.

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