Which Came First – the Chicken or the Abortion?

I’ve been babysitting a pair of chickens the last couple of weeks. The hen has been sitting on a nest of five eggs that she laid. Basically she never leaves the nest. I put the food into the box where she dwells, to make sure she eats. I’m pretty sure her eggs are not going […]

Arguing Biblical Principles and Doctrines

I don’t believe that any two people are of exactly the same mind on the contents of the Bible and the subsequent theology that arises in the minds and hearts of men. That makes this wonderful advice applicable for all of us in our dealings with everyone else in the world How are we to […]

Muzzling the Christian Witness

It appears that the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy might become alive and well in the U.S. military with the exception that the scenario has changed a bit. Now gays are openly accepted into the armed forces, but Christians may be forced keep their mouths shut about Jesus Christ. They would be allowed to talk […]

Psychiatry – Science or Quackery?

Talking about political science in the 21st century. Do you remember the movie Beauty and the Beast from Disney? The bad (but handsome) guy, Gaston, talked a doctor into declaring that Belle’s father was crazy, so that Gaston could have his way with Belle. Of course his plans did not come to fruition, but it […]

Eternal Security – Fact or Fallacy?

This is a blurb from my book Will the Real Christianity Please Stand Up – to be released soon. Hand in hand with the sinner’s prayer is the doctrine of eternal security. The most common phrase used to describe that is “once saved always saved.” I was so fascinated by this subject that I brought […]

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