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real, fake, i dont know, just passing it along.


Some 15 years ago, outside of a church my parents had visited.  I not sure why we were there, it wasnt our normal church and was out of our way if i recall.   But there were people outside after the meeting, The pastor had pushed them outside cause they were in the spirit and he wanted to go home. 4,5,6 I dont recall, but one of them was laying down, and as a child I wasnt fully aware of what was going on and was playing, a jumped over one of them. Such a shameful thing to do.  Forgive me lord.


hmm.. as I grow closer.

Isaiah 58:6-8

Isaiah 58:9



waiting on the lord

a few months ago i came home to find my family gone, my wife had taken our son and moved home with her parents. I was very upset and very lost, but had grew up in church and had turned from God for over 7 years. This was a wake up call when i had ignored all the others.  She filed for divorce and wont speak to me.  I dont even know the real reason she left. We were having arguements the last few months for the dumbest things.  Somehow the devil convinced her I was going to hurt her, something i would never do.

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