Can we make our needs an idol?

Tonight during praise and worship,our music pastor was praying while he was singing and asked God to forgive us of any idols we had ever placed before Him..I didnt think I had and I know what an idol means but I fell in line with that and I asked God to show me if I had an what came to mind were my needs.

mental breakdown of husband is hurting us

I am currently separated from my husband but we have been on friendly terms and speak of reconciling with counseling.About a month or so ago, he out of the blue told me he had thought someone had been bothering things around his place over the past few days,seeing things,shadows moving and such,He thought he heard people laughing at him,in a mocking way,it was in the tone of the laugh..he said he walked out toward where it was coming from,the edge of the yard,(and this is way out in the country) to get a better look and he said there were demons there facing him, 4 or 5 of them.He did say out

Can anyone tell me what they know about the worlwide church of god?

I am not going to bash someone elses faith but i simply do not believe in what they teach.My son and his cousin,who attend college together,met this girl in their christians group who has had an impact on them both as far as what she believes,my nephew began going to church with her and is trying to convert,which has caused problems at son has asked to go and i told him no.get grounded in youre own church first,ask yourself why do you believe what you believe and know what the word says and THEN..

Encountering some odd things during fasting.

Hello, My name is Casey. I am about a quarter through my first extended water fast.I did research and prayed so I feel pretty confident that I’m on the right path.Physically,It’s just as I had read…spiritually,It feels like something is missing.I know its not God.It must be with me.I have so many things that Im believing God for right now and Im trying so hard to do this have my heart right.Im praying and doing my best to pray scripturally.

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