Worst Earthquakes Recorded

Three (3) of the ten (10) worst earthquakes ever recorded have occurred within the past 6+ years.

#3 – Dec. 26, 2004 – Sumatra, Indonesia – 9.1
#4 – March 11, 2011 – Sendai, Japan – 9.0
#6 – Feb. 27, 2010 – Maule, Chile – 8.8

List of Earthquakes on Wikipedia

Jesus spoke of earthquakes in divers places during the latter days, and His prophesies are all 100% accurate. Things are going to get much worse on planet earth, so we need to really be moving in closer to the Lord to stand.

Universal Reconciliation; it’s a great evil

There’s a doctrine in the Christian world that’s referred to as Universal Reconciliation; though it appears so loving, yet it’s a great evil. The gist of the doctrine is that “all” men will eventually be saved, and that there is no hell. The logic supporting this doctrine is that the Bible has been mistranslated. Words like “damnation”, “hell fire” and “everlasting” don’t really mean what they depict. Those who subscribe to this doctrine of Universal Reconciliation will reference the supposed Greek meaning of certain words to twist the scriptures.

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