I have a friend who is looking into using a herb mixture that is call NutriiVeda from a company called Zrii.
She uses bulk herbs to treat things from colds to cuts. This mixture is one that has been used with children with Apraxia of Speech and she would like to maybe use.
But the company says that the mixture comes from Ayurveda science and their website is full of Hinduism.
The product is just a mixture of herbs.

So the question is, can taking such a product open a door to satan?

Healing questions?

I have been reading under Bible studies/Bible teachings regarding Healing and they talk to the person who is sick.
How does this all relate to a child who has not come to an age of accountability and may not yet understand?
I am trying to grow in my beliefs regarding healing.
I have strong faith regarding God’s promises on the subject of spiritual warfare.
I do not understand why this is so hard for me to just have faith on the subject of healing.
I do see there is a link between healing and spiritual warfare, but how can I tell if a medical problem is related to a fallen spirit?

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