What is “diversity”?

What is diversity? A good question – and not one that I appreciated needed to be qualified. So perhaps I can qualify it, both with examples of what IS diversity, and what is NOT diversity – you’re more than welcome to disagree with what YOU think diversity is, but this, at least, is what *I* am talking about, when I use the word.

as mere humans – what do we know?

While writing a recent response, I touched on a topic that is interesting to me. I can’t solve it, but then again, I’m only an atheist, so not only do I not “need” to solve it, but the concept has no rigid foundation for me in the first place.

However, it’s very possible that my limited understanding of the facts is causing the problem, so I will present my syllogism, and hopefully, people can correct my syllogism and make it more logical, and more robust.

What is an “open mind”?

Throughout my questions, I’ve often encountered the admonishment “you don’t have an open-enough mind to receive god”.

I’ve read similar response here too, and I’d like to explore this a little, and hopefully get a more broad input.

So I’ll put the question to you:
What is an open mind?

On the ethics of “praying for someone”

I recently submitted my “hello folks” post to the forum. I am an an atheist, and I suffixed my post with an explicit request not to be told if readers wanted to “pray” for me. The response was rather inevitable – I was prayed for.

The whole point of including this suffix was a contrived segue into my first forum – the ethics of praying for someone, who has explicitly asked not to to be prayed for.

So – this begs the question – when it is ethical to do something that is explicitly requested NOT to be done?

My understanding is that people pray for me for a few reasons.

Atheist says hello – no flaming please

Hello folks.

I am an atheist. I’ve joined here simply to try to learn a little more about christians, what you think, why you think it and how you think it.

I am not here to flame or abuse you, and I hope you will find the same. I AM here to ask you questions. I think this is the case for many, however my questions are not intended to consolidate or nurture my faith – I have none, my questions will be specific, quizzing specific parts or events of the bible, and what they mean for you.

ipso facto, you are of course, free to ask me any questions you wish too.

My realization.

As a child, I grew up in a half-and-half house. My father is atheist, my mother was a practicing catholic. I went to church some days, especially on christmas and easter.
I studied the chatechism and took my first communion.

It was then that the cracks started to appear.

Who was god? what role did he play?
noone seemed to really know the answers, my teachers, preists, and certainly not my parents. The answer “god created everything” was VASTLY inadequate – “how”? is the next question, which is quickly answered with “he’s god”.

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