Dont feel the spirit of God

Hello my name is Yolanda and I am 26 years old. I have a problem. About a month ago I started to read the bible and I would read post here and so on. Everyday I felt so happy and I felt like if I had the holy spirit in me all day. I would pray and read the bible all the times and be happy and at peace. Then suddently I woke up one morning like 1 week ago and I felt dry, I felt that I didn’t have the spirit on me anymore. I try to read the bible and I can’t concentrate, I try to pray and I can’t concentrate, I start to think of something else thats not even important. I dont know why.

Hi, Im new here

Hi Im new here, and I joined because I want to get close to God and I also want my hudband to get closer to God and to get close to the bible… I want to learn how to pray and I want to have more faith in God.

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