wow, it’s been a while since my last visit to this site. Well, Let me give you a quick update of what’s been happening!

Feeling unworthy

I am struggling to fit in at work, I am always feeling like I am not good enough and I am tired of feeling this way but I don’t know how to change. At work and in my relationships i act stupid, and i let people push me around because i don’t think i am good enough. What do I do to change, I don’t want to keep going this way. I grew up being told that I was not good enough, and that I would never be anything and that’s what I have come to believe. My whole life I have been living up to other people’s expectations of me for approval and acceptance.

Career path

I am at that point in my life where i don’t know which career path to choose. I finish my psychology degree in two months and i don’t know if its what i really want to do. I been applying for jobs in this field but nothing has come through for me yet. So i decided to expand my options and started applying for front office jobs. Recently i applied for a receptionist position within a hotel, and had two interviews which went very well and i was so confident that i as going to get the job.

Prayer for my mother in law

I would like to ask my brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for my mother in law. She suffers from a heart condition and shes currently in the hospital. She also had a stroke two weeks ago and can hardly move. Please pray for her that God will take away the pain, heal the cause of the pain in Jesus Name. Her name is Mavis.

I believe God is our healer and He heals all diseases. I am starting a three day fast tomorrow for her healing and I am trusting God to heal her.

Thank you

Unconditional love

To love and be loved, To give and receive pure love
Love that is kind and patient, Love that is not rude or jealousy
The type of love that is unconditional and only sees the best
Many people depart this world without knowing/experiencing pure love
Most often people divorce and the reason Is always
“we have fallen out of love”.
We fail to understand that Love isn’t something we fall in and out of
Love is a place we choose to enter into,Then commit to never LEAVE.
Our love is very conditional, It is based on feelings and emotions.

The amazing Power of Prayer and fasting

Heavenly Father, I love You. I may not understand how You work at times but I know that You work for the good of those who love You (Romans 8:28).

Yesterday I finished my 40 day partial fast, and I feel great physically, mentally and spiritually. I can’t begin to explain how God has been there for me throughout the fast. Sometimes I felt like giving up because I couldn’t see/feel the changes in me but He gave me the strength I needed to keep going. I have learnt that He is always at work within me even those times when it does not feel like it.

Prayer for my mother in law

I would like to request prayer for my mother in law. She suffers from heart problem and at the moment she is seriously unwell.

Please pray that God will heal the heart disease and restore her to good health.

Thank you, May you all be blessed by our loving Heavenly Father..


Fired after 5 days

After searching for a job for nearly 5 months, last week I finally found one as a cafe assistant. I went in for the trial last week Wednesday and everything went well and I got the job. Then I went in again on Thursday and Friday for a few hours. Monday was my actual starting date, it was busy but I managed. There was so much to learn, and the pressure was on. On Tuesday, we had another busy day and I made a mistake as I was taking the coffee orders so instead of writing soy flat white I wrote flat white. My manager was so mad at me and didn’t speak to me much for the rest of the day.

God’s presence

I am currently on a partial 40 day fast and today is my 16th day. I have been reading the bible and praying throughout every day. The problem is I feel so far away from God, I don’t feel his presence. I feel so discouraged because the main purpose of my fast was to draw closer to God and grow spiritually but I feel like hes taken his presence away from me, I don’t know whether I should continue or just stop.

Please pray for me.

Don’t do it without me

Lord, whatever you are doing this season, Please don’t do it without me. If you are healing somebody, which I know you are Please don’t pass me by. If you bless others this year, Please remember me. If you are pouring out your Holy Spirit, Please don’t forget me. Please include me in whatever you are doing this season, I need You Lord. Bless me, Heal me, Fill me with your Holy spirit, Give me a hunger and thirsty for your word. Please God…

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