Is there a church that exists that is not charismatic influenced and believes in adult baptism?

I know its a tough question to answer, but I feel like if any true one exists I would quite like to go to a church again. However I would prefer that it does adult baptisms (as I havent been baptised yet, although I would settle for a church without bapism that has good teachings) and is Bible based and quite traditional, no wierd charismatic teachings or influence in worship.

christmas traditions = idolatry

I have recently decided to no longer participate in christmas after discovering the pagan origins and roots of it and all its wicked traditions. Before really looking into christmas I had no idea of the pagan roots of it, I believe I was guided to discover this by God as an answer to a prayer I said a while ago asking for complete seperation from the occult, and I am so greatful to be free of occult and anything that is not from God. And so I have decided to share this on here, a link to a website I found especially informing is below if you have some time to check it out.

Are we foolish virgins?

God has recently blessed me with understanding to the parable of 10 virgins (Matthew 25:1-12), now this had been bothering me for a while as I just felt so confused by the teachings I had received about the oil representing faith when this just isn’t true and made no sense to me as the foolish virgins choose to go and buy some oil last minute, and you can’t buy faith.

Revival Movement Deceptions

There are many new churches currently promoting and believing that in the end times the Holy Spirit is moving in new, exiting ways and doing new things that we should accept without question. They believe that this is a time for revival, however Jesus teaches us and in fact warns us that the end times are a time of deception.

When asked about the end times Jesus warns his disciples, the first words out of his mouth being:
“Take heed that no man deceive you.
For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ and shall deceive many.” Matthew 24:4 – 5

Did Jesus go to hell?

Did Jesus go to hell during the time between dying on the cross and being resurrected? I have heard this teaching in the past, but then I came across Luke 23:43, where Jesus tells one of the criminals being crucified with him “Verily I say unto thee, Today shalt thou be with me in paradise”, and this suggests otherwise.

So now I’m a little confused and wondered if anyone on here could help me. Thanks.

What Jesus Can Save You From

Before I was saved I often heard Christians saying “if your not already, then you need to be saved!”. Whenever I heard this I would feel deeply confused, looking around as though to confirm to myself that there was nothing physically around me that was threatening my life and so I would think to myself “saved from what?”. I knew Jesus was a saviour but didn’t recognise that I was in need of saving; I just assumed he was someone else’s saviour, of course I was wrong.

false revival church

Hi there, I used to go to a church which I now realise is a false revival church and they have now established a huge building right in the middle of my home town. I’m worried that they are sucking in people who are weak and going through issues for example people dealing with substance addictions as well as people who are just seeking God, but the reason for my concern is that these people are actually being led away from God and his truth.

Fruit of the Holy Spirit

The Bible teaches us about our actions by referring to them as fruit and as followers of Jesus we need to ensure that the fruit we are producing are not produced from our sinful nature but rather from the Holy Spirit.

The metaphor of using fruit for actions I find very interesting as all fruit produces seeds, and what we say and our actions can influence and plant seeds in the hearts of the people who surround us, whether they are family or friends. (Just like the parable Jesus uses in Matthew 13 of the farmer scattering seed)

Unbelieving Family, help?

I haven’t been saved for that long and I’m discovering all kinds of new issues I never even thought about before. This particular issue I like to think of as the elephant in the room. How do I deal with the issue of unbelieving family members?

Are strange manifestations really of God?

My advice to all Christians out there is to always check Gods word and not to just accept things like laughing in the spirit and being drunk in the spirit. There are many churches out there that encourage these manifestions as well as shaking and slaying in the spirit.
I pray for those reading this, that they recieve the love of truth needed to overcome and be set free of all deceptions such as these, and seek out the word of God above all other teachings of men, in Jesus’s name I pray, Amen.

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