Pink Unicorns and Other Nonsense from Atheists

Pink Unicorns & Other Nonsense by Paul Ross The atheist thinks it’s just as reasonable to posit the invisible pink unicorn as the creator of the universe as we do God; although atheists don’t believe in invisible pink unicorns they use such caricatures so as to belittle belief in God as a ploy to derail […]

Atheism – Dark Philosophy

Atheism: Dark Philosophy by Paul Ross Don’t you believe the atheists for one single second, this has never been about superior insights and intellect, but has always been about the father of lies expressing himself through the captives that he has secured. Atheists are nothing more than the channels of an ancient deceiver, who hates […]

Strong Revulsions against God – the power behind Atheism

Strong Revulsions against God by Paul Ross The atheist says that he/she doesn’t believe in God due to a lack of evidence and the Bible says that atheism is the end result of a suppression (Romans 1: 18); so here it seems we have an impasse. In the world of Psychiatry suppression is defined as […]

My Daddy is an Architect

by Paul Ross The atheist will explain the whole show of reality (universe/life) as a mechanic would explain the workings of pistons in a car; in terms of mechanisms, laws and principals (leaving aside for now that the engine of the car was designed by a personal intelligent agency). Science to a degree explains how things […]

Do You Exist?

Do you believe that you exist? Please let me explain… Do you as a self-aware subjective agent that has thoughts exist? If you say yes then where are you actually located in your body? Are you and your brain the same thing? A brain is just a lump of meat; is that who YOU are? […]

The Search for Meaning

What could make you the most happy? The nicest house? The partner of your dreams? Fame? The career of a lifetime? Well many people have all these things; but do such things really satisfy them and make them blissfully fulfilled and happy? I tell you no because the human heart was created for something higher; […]

Busting a hole in the Boat

Visit My YouTube Channel today    HERE I just don’t understand why all this energy is put into the enterprise of disbelief I always thought that a true lack of belief in something should manifest itself in a state of emotional and psychological indifference and dispassion and not in a state of fanatical militant devotion; […]

The Dogmatic Delusion

Visit my YouTube Channel Today   HERE Materialism is a delusion in that it is a BELIEF that’s established on the ASSUMPTION that immaterial things do not exist. Putting aside for now the fact that billions of people over the course of human history have testified to having a transcendent experience; and also putting aside for […]

Is it Moral to be Moral?

See my video on this subject here. What kind of a universe would you have without a creator? (given that you can have a universe without a creator in the first place) One thing is certain; you couldn’t have moral standards or values existing outside of man. In fact, the best that you could have […]

Be Honest about Why you Reject God

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