power for healing

i want god to grant me the power of being able to heal people through prayer.well,iv once been told that everyone whose born again can do that but im not sure of whether i can do it too,but then iv never tried it before.is it possible for me to pray for this gift and recieve it,and if i do recieve it what would be the signs to show tht iv recieved it?

im scared

on sunday i did something terrible.i told lies, not just ordinary lies but very very bad lies.god warned me about it just before i could tell the lies,but i ended up continuing telling the lies.before i lied,i could feel that i was starting to grow into the higher step with faith,and my relationship with god was starting to grow.now im even scared to pray coz i think he is too angry with me 2listen 2my prayers.will god ever find it in his heart to forgive me?what should i do to gain his love,trust and forgiveness again?im really stressed,somebody help me plz

the fire

usually i would hear some pastors shouting FIRE when they cast demons and sometimes when reffering to God’s presence.what axaCtly is this fire because sometimes i see people rolling down and screaming at the mention of this FIRE?

im having strange dreams

it started on suturday night when i came back 4rm church.i had this strange dream seeing a man whose skin tone was very very black.he was naked & hanging in ithe tree with a baby hanging there with him.he was just about 2eat the baby when i came and interupted him.i ran and he pursued me wanting 2 eat me and drink my blood.then the following day i dreamt being raped.then the following day i dreamt bieng a satanist.then yesterday i dreamt walking in the street on my way 2 a wedding and 2girls with cold eyes shot me with 2bulets on my head,it was like i felt no pain and continued my way 2the wed


what did Jesus mean when he said one can not patch a new cloth with an old one,and one can not pour a new wine into an old wine.this he said when asked why his disciples do not fast

we are the ambassorders of christ

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