All That Glitters is Green?

The Lord has been getting my attention in a very unique way. He has been persistent, yet patient and I opened my heart to Him as He started this in the beginning of December 2010. I wasn’t yet a Christian when this all began. To be quite honest, I was misguided and my eyes shielded from the truth.

The Good Shepherd Rescued His Lost Lamb

“How many times do you have to touch rock bottom before you drown? Either pull me up or put me out.” This used to be a saying of mine as I was all too familiar with rock bottom. Most of my life was like a dark pit where I painfully clawed my way to the top, only to slide back down again. I am 33 years old today and I recently found my Saviour, Jesus Christ. He has given me such love that I’ve never felt, a peace I could have never imagined, an ecstatic joy that has flooded my whole being and a brand new life.

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