Very Sick and Shattered

I haven’t been here for quite a while as I have been dealing with my grandfather who was really sick last year and died before Christmas. After this I could follow up on my bowel operation as I have not recovered as I has been told I would.

My bowel function has slowed down and I have been getting dangerous blockages.

I have gone to both medical specialists here in Sydney Australia and I have undertaken natural treatment as well.

Australian Floods Tragedy, Judgment, Grace

Article by Bill Muehlenberg

Whenever a major disaster or national tragedy breaks forth, a heated debate tends to arise within Christian circles. Opinions tend to be polarised, with two sets of extremes on offer. On the one hand are those who claim this is all the judgment of God, and people need to repent. On the other hand are those who argue that God would never do such things, and it is ridiculous to drag God into any of this.

If ever there was a year I needed a Miracle 2010 was it!

First I have to say I didn’t get my Miracle. I had to pass through ever trial and suffering and sickness and the grief that came my way.

There were times I cried out to God “No More! I can’t deal with this and I’m not strong enough to take it just Kill Me please and stop all the pain.”

Disturbing sore throat and cold symptoms

I’ve had a sore throat since friday night and as my family doctor’s office not open on the weekend I thought I’d see how I go oever the weekend.

I’ve been lookig after myself, honey & lemon drinks, chicken soup. Usually for a bit of a sore throat/runny nose this would help.

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