Again I need my Christian brothers & sisters prayers & support

Thank you for everyone’s past prayers and support. Those of you who have responded to my request before know I have been struggling with getting my life back in order and preparing to admit my guilt in the crime I commited and accept my punishment. What ever the courts decide. I must admit yesterday was beyond hard! It was almost like satan won! I met again with my attorney and the police. My case has not yet gone to court and my plan is to plead quilty and forego an actual trial. The meeting was horrible and not at all what I expected and brought about more than I feel I can handle.

Rough day

Still on this roller coaster ride! Today is a rough day for me. I feel down, and unworthy. I know its satan trying to take control. Just hope God gives me the strength to fight this. My goal is to quickly put behind me the past and focus only on God and his plan. Some day soon I hope to put to rest the sin I did and pay the punishment deemed by man and move on to sing of God’s glory. Just Hope to stay strong and not lose focus during this trying time. Thanks for a place to voice my feelings. God Bless you all.


Needed continued prayers and encouragement

Some of you have already been praying for me. I am asking that the prayers continue as I continue on my road to make right what I made wrong. I have confessed that I broke the law. I know that god has forgiven me, but I must still pay the price of mans laws. I have been trying to face everything head on and be cooperative. Today I will again meet with the police and my attorney. I want to not just appear to be cooperative, but actually be cooperative, but am struggling mentally trying to remember what exactally took place. I know mental illness could be a cause of this mental block.

Please continue to pray

Thank you all for your past and continued prayers. My prior posts I told everyone I broke the law and because of that I also lost my job and will have to face the law of man. I have had my ups and downs! I can’t quiet explain it. I know God is with me on those days that I feel at peace, but what about those days that I am filled with doubt, fear, and the sense of being alone? I assume God is still there, but for some reason Satan has managed to get his grip on me. How do I keep God in the forefront and Satan out? Please continue your prays for my family and me.

Thanks you all for yours prayers.

Thank you all for your prayers. Strangely enough I felt quite at peace this morning. I did go to the police station as planned, but because I did not yet have an attorney and did not waive my right to one they did not question me. Still do not know the outcome, although God does and it is part of his greater plan for me. I am humbled by the out pouring of love and concern for my well being. Please continue to pray for my strength and courage do make right what I have wronged. Also please remember my family in your prayers.

Urgent Prayer nedded for Kel.

Recently joined this site. I have been a christian for many years. Recently I have fallen and am in need of urgent prayer! Please pray that I am strong enough to endure God’s plan for me. Although I know God has forgiven me I also know I must own up to the punishment from man. Please pray God gives me the strength to and stays by my side to get through these troubled waters. I am trying hard to not lose faith. Your continued prayers are needed. I have to meet with the police on Friday morning and do not have the funds to hire an attorney to go with me.

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