Israel – Promise, Prophecy and Fulfilment

Old Testament promises and prophecies mentioning Israel did not fail, nor have they been delayed (as some Dispensational Pre-Millennialists assert), neither shall they be fulfilled instead figuratively in the Gentile Church (as some Post-Millennialists teach) – rather, the Promise was fulfilled literally on the ground in Israel, among Israelis, for Israelis and on time – […]

The Good News!

Daniel prophesied about a then-future period for Israel totalling seventy “weeks” – or seventy sevens, that is 490 years, or ten Jubilee-cycles – beginning from the date when the rebuilding of his Temple and City was decreed. Within that time-frame God’s promises for Israel were to be fulfilled. But Daniel also saw that afterwards great […]

Anti-Semitic Eschatology or Pro-Israel Theology?

The person who regards events in modern Israel as the direct fulfilment of Bible-prophecy, feels that another person who regards those prophecies as already-fulfilled, must be anti-Semitic. But which of the two views of Bible-prophecy is most anti-Semitic? The first view portrays God as having snubbed Israel for nearly 2,000 years; and portrays God as […]

Paul’s Gospel v Modern Liberalism, Messianic-Judaism and Jewish-Millenniumism

It’s important not to misuse an argument of Paul’s, which was an argument about a specific issue, as if it is an argument about a completely different issue. Misusing Paul in that way gives rise to some unfounded arguments in the popular issue of grace v Law (so-called); and the not-so-modern question of Arminianism v […]

The Christian Faith and the Day of Atonement

I heard someone on TV saying yesterday that God promises seven blessings to people who will remember to give a Day of Atonement money-offering to his Christian organization. If someone’s faith and conscience requires that of them, then so be it. But my understanding of God’s Word is that: 1. The obligation to observe the […]

Questions for Dispensational Pre-Millennialists

Since no-one can currently get saved other than through faith, which is unseen, how can all Israel get saved after Christ’s Second Coming, which they shall see? If God has some alternative way of instantly procuring all Israel’s spiritual salvation immediately before the end of the age, why doesn’t He procure it sooner? Seeing many […]

Was Israel 1948 a Fulfilment of Bible-Prophecy?

In my opinion, the creation of the State of Israel in 1948 probably wasn’t a direct fulfilment of any specific Bible-prophecy. And I’ll explain why it matters. Some claim the following verse: ISAIAH 66:8 8 Who hath heard such a thing? who hath seen such things? Shall the earth be made to bring forth in […]

Israel’s Land Promise and Its Place in Bible-Prophecy and History

Some say Israel has never fully experienced the fulfilment of the land-promises made to the Patriarchs, and that the fulfilment of it is still required in order to fulfil prophecy and to uphold God’s faithfulness. But what would be the use to Israel of a divine land-promise, considering that the exact opposite of the promise […]

The Last Word on Israel

I think some people are complacent about the urgency of preaching a pure Gospel in Israel, and to Jews, because their eschatology has lulled them into thinking that it’s okay – God is going to save all Israel anyway, by Himself. One day, they think, God is going to suddenly become more determined to finally […]

Should Modern Israel Observe the Feasts?

Do Gentile Christians, or modern Jews, need to keep the feasts and the Law of Moses? The cross of Jesus was always God’s plan. Jesus Christ was crucified since before the foundation of the earth, in God’s mind. God already chose believers in Christ before the world began. God already decided that we would be […]

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